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Vinyl-siding-installation-steps, while vinyl siding is not for everyone, millions of american homeowners have decided that it's exactly right for them. the truth is, the price of a vinyl siding installation can be cut nearly in .... Installing vinyl siding is one of the biggest changes a diyer can make to the exterior of his or her home. it’s fast, it’s simple, and it's one of the most cost-effective ways to cover the exterior of any house., estimating required materials. all houses can be broken down into shapes of rectangles or triangles, or a combination of both. the area to be sided can be determined by measuring the height and width of the house, including windows (fig. 11)..

Installing any kind of siding involves a lot of time and effort, and there are many details that must not be overlooked. however, vinyl is much easier to remove, modify and install than any other type of siding, so don’t let it deter you if you want to add a new window, move a door or build an addition., vinyl siding must be nailed so expansion and contraction are not restricted. siding must be cut in lengths to provide for expansion. allow a 1/4 in. gap for expansion wherever siding butts accessories. allow 3/8 in. when installing in freezing weather (below 40°)..

Think about why you want to install vinyl siding. vinyl siding is a good option for homeowners who like the look of siding, but don't want the expense that accompanies cedar and concrete composite products., don’t let the fact that you have vinyl siding installation deter you from that repair or remodeling project. if you want to shift a window, replace a door or even put on an addition, you can remove, alter and reinstall vinyl siding much more easily than any other type of siding..

The bottom of the starter strip (the part the bottom panel hooks on to) should be at least 1 in. below the top of the foundation, but the lower the vinyl siding is installed, the better.