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Vinyl-siding-installation-around-windows, available in a variety of colors and styles, vinyl siding is widely used and favored by many contractors and do-it-yourselfers for its durability, attractiveness, low maintenance and relative ease.... Vinyl siding is affordable, good-looking and easy to maintain, and it protects homes against all kinds of weather. but, to be effective, vinyl siding must be installed properly. otherwise it might leak, allowing water to enter along panel edges or where panels meet windows or doors., the flashing is crucial for creating a watertight seal around windows and doors. with vinyl siding, aluminum is the best material for flashing. it usually comes in 10-inch-wide rolls that can be cut into 5-inch-wide strips with the tinner’s snips. this will be used at the top and sides of your window..

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsffhpyi6wa part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw8ud2r97mw we had such a huge following from our first "how to i..., vinyl siding installation is designed to hang loosely on the sheathing so that it can expand and contract with temperature changes. to prevent the relatively thin panels from buckling, observe these fitting and nailing rules. leave a 1/4-in. gap at all ends. the siding slides behind vinyl siding trim pieces that hide the gap and the cut end..

Because the soffit pieces come in 12-ft. lengths, you'll need to custom-cut each piece to fit the span. with the diagonal corner pieces installed, cut the remaining lengths of soffit material 1/4 ..., how to install vinyl siding. installing vinyl siding can help to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do to the outside of your house. if you decide to install vinyl siding yourself (without the help of a contractor), it's....

Instruction on how to install exterior 2x4 trim around a new or old window., vinyl siding depends on a few special trim pieces that either hold everything together or hide the edges and ends of the panels. undersill trim, for instance, is installed under windowsills or other horizontal projections and grasps the top edge of the siding panel below it (see installing window trim).