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Vinyl-siding-around-windows-with-built-in-j-channel, question: vinyl siding around windows with built in j channel this is more of a new house question that i cannot seem to find an answer for, and i am hoping someone here may be able to help. my wife and i, after living in a very old house for a long time are having a new house built.. Learn proper vinyl siding installation from start to finish. in this episode, learn about installing siding around windows and the ways to deal with flashing..., how to use a flanged window with stucco correctly. Hello i am in the middle of a big debate on a job. new garage addition, homeowner already bought 2 windows for us to use. they are vinyl with j- channel integrated with the nail flange. originally, i can't think of a way with windows with a built in j channel,the top lock/nailfin on vinyl siding is also the drainage leg, you could use pieces of zip tape on courses just under the window to divert water directly on to the top lock...this is sort of a jury rig thing.

This article is about houses with windows which have built in j-channel. this style of window is popular among builders because it negates the need for purchasing j channel in those areas. however, in the opinion of this inspector this type of window has a design flaw that necessitates installing flashing in a way which is rarely done., im rehabbing very old houses. gut rehab. im installing new construction windows with built in j. the thing is , im doing tyvek and fan foam. that doesnt leave room to slide the vinyl siding into the w.

I guess you pretty much have to use a j-channel around window and door frames where vinyl siding terminates. with loose vinyl siding interlocks the drainage plane you created under the window could probably handle a fairly large volume of water. but with fiber cement lap siding the min 1-1/4" lap is pulled in fairly tight during blind nailing., unfounded worry. if you install the house wrap correctly by leaving a flap at the top and laying it over the nailing fin, use window tape starting at the sides and finish with the top there's no way for water to get in..

Integral “j” is fine, its actually better. no pieces to separate. the intergral "j’ is a real bad idea!! it does not drain water off the top of the window but to both sides where some it will end up behind the siding when leaving the bottom of the side “j’s”…it’s a built in fault with regular and integral j’s and the way 99% of people install vinyl and similar sidings.