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Rare-floor-lamp-worth-aj, the floor lamp is a members-only den item. it was first released in february 2011 and was formerly sold at the mystery emporium until it went on clearance in july 2013. the floor lamp is an oblong glass lamp that stands on the floor. the lamp is supported by four tree branches resting in notches on its underside. a curved tree branch is bound around the width of the lamp and the center of the .... Last updated 5/12/20 the leap year items were first released on february 27th, 2012 at the leap year party. the party came again in 2016 with different items. it later came back in 2020, with new den items and the 2016 clothing items., [closed] what is my rare floor lamp worth? forum > item value threads board > [closed] what is my rare floor lamp worth? (closed) qizoom closed this thread because: old. please consider starting a new thread. 07:33, january 10, 2019. follow. 0 kudos [closed] what is my rare floor lamp worth? gentlecrab1342. i have the ....

Last updated 3/19/20 the nature archways were released in july 2012 as monthly member gifts. on february 21st, 2017, four new variants were released into the diamond shop for 6 days, and the original variants were given the rare tag. the diamond shop variants were later re-released on may 14th, 2018., the rare skinny lamp first came out in the leap year party of 2012. after the party ended, the "rare" label was added to all the items that were available at that party..

Allahu akbar there are 9 varieties of this item. from worst to best, their colours and worth are: orange: 5 den betas, green: 5 den betas, yellow: 6 den betas, pink: 6 den betas, blue: 7 den betas, purple: 8 den betas, red: 8 den betas, black: 10 den betas, magenta (glitched): 110 black long collars