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Pine-bevel-siding-installation, new england bevel siding is made with premium grade eastern white pine. the product is locally grown and manufactured in new england. this siding has been on homes in the north east since pilgrim times.. 1x8 white pine plain bevel siding product specifications: • stack height: 6 1/2" • thickness: 5/8" • available lengths: 8', 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16'.specified piece counts are available depending on current stock at time of order., bevel siding, also referred to as clapboard siding, is a very popular wood siding product. it is lumber that has been resawn at an angle resulting in two pieces.. Bevel siding should be face nailed to studs with 1-1/2 in. penetration into solid wood using one nail per bearing spaced at a maximum of 24 in. on center. place nail just above the 1 in. overlap. take care not to nail through the overlap of two pieces, see figure above. butt joints between boards should be staggered and made on studs., this is a plain bevel or tapered lap siding made with a white pine graded select with tight knots. this grade does allow for knots, but the knots should be tight and not fall out. this bevel lap siding has a rough face and is graded on this face. the back side is a skip […].

Spruce, western red cedar, weathered silver/grey pine (v-groove 1 side), painted or poly’d, eastern white pine (ewp) is an excellent wood for siding and trim, both exterior and interior. it’s easy to work with and readily available.

How to install cedar bevel siding. cedar is a popular siding material for houses, especially in the western united states where that wood is plentiful. cedar resists rot and decay and most insect ...