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Philips-led-lamp-dimmer-compatibility, find a comprehensive list of dimmers that are compatible with philips led bulbs here.. Philips led dimmer compatibility dimmer types philips ambientled bulbs philips decoled bulbs brand series model load 8 wa-sh a pe12.5 3 c ndl bu tti leviton skylark s-600pr-wh 600w 3 3 3 leviton decora 6161-a 500w 3 3 3 3 leviton sureside 6613-pl 600w 3 3 3 3 leviton 6615 rc, philips led dimmer compatibility dimmertypes philipsambientledbulbs philipsdecoledbulbs brand series model load 8 wa-sh a pe12.5 3 c ndl bu tti leviton skylark s-600pr-wh 600w leviton decora 6161-a 500w. Philips offers a range of dimmer-compatible led lamps, with specially designed electronics so that the lamp works on most common dimmers. but, given the vast diversity in dimmer types and quality, they do not guarantee 100% compatibility. some compatibility issues include flickering lamps at certain dim level or an audible noise (hum)., 2 instantfit ballast compatibility guide t8 instant-start ballasts see footnotes on page 10. 7w 1050lm (2ft.) 9w 1200lm (3ft.) 10w 1600lm (4ft.) 13w 2100lm.

Having the ability to adjust the brightness of your light lets you create the perfect atmosphere in your home, anytime. our wide selection of dimmable led bulbs makes it easy to find the perfect light for rooms with a dimmer switch., philips offers a selection of dimmable bulbs and spots, and has tested a representative number of european dimmers to check their compatibility. review the dimmer compatibility list for bulbs and spots to find out which dimmers are recommended by philips. view the dimmer compatability list for led bulbs and spots (pdf).

Warning! you are using a lower version of internet explorer, this tool is not supported on ie 9 and below. for a better experience, it is recommended to upgrade to ..., march, 2010 2 background • recently, there have been increased number of requests for clarity and information on dimming of our master ledlamps and the boundary conditions.

Dimming master ledlamps mv - free download as pdf file (.pdf), text file (.txt) or view presentation slides online.