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My-ceiling-fan-light-wont-work-but-the-fan-does, the lights work, but the fan doesn’t. select the issue you are having with your fan: the fan blades move freely when you push them. this indicates that there is not something physically in the way of the fan blades moving and it is most likely electric or mechanical.. How to fix ceiling fan lights that don't work. when your ceiling fan lights quit working, the answer to why they quit isn’t always as straightforward as a burned-out light bulb. the heat ..., if you just installed the ceiling fan and the light does not work, the wires were not connected properly. consult the installation guide and correct the issue. when the light goes out post-installation and you have verified the function of the bulbs, the pull switch and the wiring, the only possible cause is the actual light socket..

If you are in a situation with your ceiling fan where the fan lights don't work but the fan works you may be in a situation where the limiter has blown. if you try to turn on the lights and you..., i have a ceiling fan / lights in our kitchen that operates off of the pull switch. the other morning i went to turn on the lights, and it seemed like they all blew at once (3 lights). there is no wall switch for the fan/lights. the fan was / is still running on slow 24/7. (i have since....

Hampton bay ceiling fans rarely have motor problems. first, rule out any power issues by seeing if your your lights work. if they do, contact hampton bay customer service at 855-hd-hampton (855-434-2678). why is the fan crooked? if your fan isn't hanging straight down: check if its down rod is securely installed inside of the mounting bracket ..., ceiling fan troubleshooting. this faq hopes to be able to provide some help to most users with ceiling fan problems. it covers mostly everything. if there is something you are having trouble with, please let us know by using the contact page. we would love to hear from you and add more questions and answers to this page..

If your fan won't work, the first thing that you want to do is make sure it has power. ' checking for ceiling fan power ' covered how you can do this. checking the wiring in the ceiling fan and at the ceiling box is a bit more work. the article ' checking for loose ceiling fan wiring ' discusses how you can locate a power issue inside of your fan., when a ceiling fan won't turn, the problem could be mechanical or electrical. an example of an easy-to-fix mechanical problem is the failure to remove the packing tabs from your new fan, but unfortunately, most mechanical problems aren't so simple. electrical problems are a bit more difficult to diagnose, but they're easier to fix..

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