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Log-siding-installation, a conventionally framed house should be sheathed with plywood or osb and wrapped with house wrap or tar paper prior to log siding installation. the siding should be stored in a dry environment until you are ready for installation. if exterior storage is necessary be sure to cover the siding with plastic and keep the siding off the ground.. Put the log siding on top of the foundation log. with the hammer and wooden block, tap the tongue of lower log siding into the groove of the log siding you are installing. make sure that you tap the tongue for it to fit properly. with the hammer or nail gun, nail each side of the log siding making sure the nails are 45 degrees under the tongue., log siding can be easy to install with the right tools. about half of modulog installations are done by the homeowner perhaps with the help of a friend or relative while the other half doesn’t have the time or inclination and hires a local contractor to perform the work..

Peter green, owner of northern log supply, demonstrates how to install log siding with saddle-notch corners. in this video, he uses white cedar half log sidi..., install the bottom row attach the first piece of siding to the sill plate, using a construction level to maintain a straight line. screws should run through the top of the tongue, and through the groove in the bottom, and penetrate the studs at a 45 degree angle. verify that the panel is level before attaching to each stud..

Http://www.skylinewoods.com here is a short detailed video on how to install log siding from the nations leading tongue and groove end-matched log siding man..., concrete log siding - installation guide. insulated low maintenance concrete siding. if you are a contractor or homeowner interested in learning about the installation of our insulated low maintenance concrete siding, watch our informative installation video and read through our instructions..

We show you just how easy it is to install the homestead timbers half log siding.