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Log-cabin-siding-installation, peter green, owner of northern log supply, demonstrates how to install log siding with saddle-notch corners. in this video, he uses white cedar half log sidi.... Quarter log cabin siding offers many other advantages over round log besides just price. ease of installation is one. many of our log siding customers install the siding themselves saving the cost of custom professional installation. as i tell all my diy customers "if you do this for a couple hours you will be an expert"., log siding costs per square foot log siding costs depends on the material chosen and its quality. expect to pay between $0.70 and $9.40 per square foot or a total between $1,750 and $23,500 for siding alone, not including labor, for the typical 2,500 square foot home..

A conventionally framed house should be sheathed with plywood or osb and wrapped with house wrap or tar paper prior to log siding installation. the siding should be stored in a dry environment until you are ready for installation. if exterior storage is necessary be sure to cover the siding with plastic and keep the siding off the ground., log cabin vinyl siding – continental siding want the log cabin look on your home. we have just what you need. vinyl log cabin siding is durable and lasts longer than the real deal with virtually no maintenance. it has the realistic look of knots and wood grain. reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer..

Log cabin siding is certainly cheaper than using full-logs because it’s mass-produced. but that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. depending upon the type of wood, prices tend to range from $1 to $4 per a foot. however, since this material is easier to install than the real thing, the labor costs are significantly less., the installation of meadow valley log siding requires a few simple tools; a tape measure, circular or miter saw, a chalk line, a square, and a hammer. in most cases, window and door trim is installed first, and j-blocks if applicable. v-notch corner logs or corner trim should be installed before installing the siding too..

We show you just how easy it is to install the homestead timbers half log siding., until installed, all log siding needs protection from direct sunlight, water saturation, snow, ice, dirt, and other elements. it is best to store the siding flat and off the ground with a vapor barrier so that moisture is not absorbed through the bottom boards of the stack.