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Live-edge-siding-installation, the installation isn’t rocketed science for these big pieces of wood but it will take two people if the width is the standard 8′ x 11″. that can get heavy and each piece will need to be leveled. oak or pine live edge siding will need to be resealed every 3-5 years so you have to add that cost in as well.. An option for siding you may have seen but not known much about is live edge siding. brian liloia, a.k.a. ziggy, is putting some on a strawbale home he’s building and recently shared the photo above on his blog. live edge siding is basically boards that have not been cut strait on one side. instead they are left with the natural curves of the tree. you probably won’t find this kind of wood ..., any type of lap siding; bevel, drop siding, channel rustic, live edge, etc always nail just above the top edge of the board underneath so you don’t nail through both pieces. this allows the boards to shrink and expand as the seasons change without splitting the board..

Hello from southern wood specialties. this week we hit on a very rustic item in wavy pine siding. this is a rough cut material that has a live edge with actual tree bark. we sell this product for ..., hanging more of the live edge siding on the rustic cabin. this video has more commentary and goes through the mistakes with me. the videos should be more interesting with me able to talk now..

The ripped edge is often covered with a frieze board nailed through the siding and sheathing and into the wood studs. siding installed onto gable ends is cut at the angle of the roof pitch where the wall meets the rake or the fascia. for accuracy, measure the dimensions of each board when making angled cuts., on our road trip we saw this beautiful house with slab wood siding. i love the organic old fashioned look of this house..

I'm putting free sawmill slabs up on the side of my trailer to try to make a log cabin look. they are all oak logs so they should last for a while. i'm also mixing clay, dirt, pine needles and ...