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Installing-a-ceiling-fan-box, a fan installed on a standard ceiling fixture box could come loose and perhaps crash to the floor. the first step in adding a ceiling fan is to inspect the existing electrical box. shut off power to the circuit. test to confirm that the power is off and remove the existing ceiling fixture.. Feed the electrical cable coming from the ceiling through the knockout hole in the pancake box. (be sure there's a cable connector attached to the knockout hole.) set the box into the hole cut through the ceiling and press it tight against the underside of the joist., installing a ceiling fan is a great way to upgrade your home's look, improve air circulation and lower your energy bill. whether you're adding a ceiling fan to your living room or outdoor space, our step-by-step guide will show you how to install a ceiling fan, as well as offer tips and safety considerations to keep in mind..

The basic installation of a ceiling fan is no different from that of a standard light fixture. use wire nuts to attach the fan’s black or colored wire and white wire to matching wires in the ceiling box. if the wiring has a green ground wire, attach it to the green or bare wire in the box., step 7: place the u-shaped bracket over the rectangular section of the shaft and screw the mounting box to u-shaped bracket. step 8: remove one of the punch-outs on the box and run electric into the box (note: a wire holding insert for the punch-out is included). step 9: replace the insulation and continue the installation from the room below..

The family handyman editor in chief, gary wentz, will show you how to remove an old light and install a ceiling fan brace so you can properly install a new ceiling fan.