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Ikea-bulbs-with-philips-hue-bridge, when it comes to smart lighting, philips hue is the market leader (uk) with a range of bulbs, luminaires and accessories, plus a good app and comprehensive integration to other smart systems. on the other hand, ikea’s tradfri is more basic but with the important benefit of being cheap and widely available in ikea’s stores.. Philips hue supports zigbee 3.0 but it's also still compatible with the zigbee light link standard protocol and, as such, zigbee light link compliant products and devices work with the hue bridge. so, it’s not just ikea’s smart bulbs – you can also get bulbs from the likes of ge, osram and innr set up on your hue system., pairing ikea trådfri with other smart hubs. besides philips hue bulbs, there are other hubs that can accommodate the ikea trådfri bulb, without necessarily having to work with an ikea trådfri gateway.just look for smart hubs that are available on the zingbee board and follow the guidelines outlined here to see if things will work as expected..

62 votes, 32 comments. 74.2k members in the hue community. philips hue reddit community, looking to save money on your smart home with some ikea trådfri bulbs? did you know you can use them with your to philips hue app? here's a quick explainer to help you add ikea trådfri lights to philips hue..

E12 (candleabra) bulbs compatible with hue. a candleabra bulb in the us is an e12 base (e14 in europe). even though they’re much smaller and generally put out less light than larger bulbs, they still cost about the same., part 2 – adding to hue network . turn the light that has the ikea bulb in on and off 6 times quickly, this resets its settings but maintains the firmware. turn off all other hue lights, to prevent zigbee interference, and if possible move the ikea bulb near the philips hue hub, ideally 30 cm or less.when we did ours we put the bulb in a portable lamp so we could put next to the hub before ....

Innr bulbs – europe only. innr have a range of smart bulbs that will work with philips hue or the osram lightify bridge & app, however as a third party bulbs they do not support apple homekit.