Hitachi-projector-lamp-and-temp-light-blinking, common warning or status indicator lights for hitachi projectors. may not apply universally to all models; these are the most common indicators.. How to repair the hitachi cp-x3042wn multimedia projector temp alarm blinking pro blame solution - duration: 12:48. electronics systems repair & review 3,757 views, i have a hitachi lcd projector. the lamp and temp red light is blinking. the message that is appearing on the screen is filter need cleaning. i cleaned the filter and of course it ask you to reset the filter timer. i am having trouble doing this from the menu. can you tell me the steps. also my pic. color is not good. it is a pink tint..

Hitachi 50v500 turn tv on. temp and lamp light blinking red. no picture. tv shuts down. lamp light remains on - answered by a verified tv technician, in some cases the problem of switches shows the lump problem.. Like other manufacturers, hitachi makes a variety of video projectors, and each model has slightly different maintenance requirements. there are a number of common problems that may surface from time to time, including blank or blurry images, maintenance warnings and apparent power failures., original post: epson 3010 movie projector projector some time shows a green picture a few seconds then is off, i think is overheating - projector.

The lights on the projector's control panel indicate the projector status and let you know when a problem occurs. check the status and color of the lights and look for a solution in the table below., when a classroom’s projector malfunctions, it not only impacts lesson plans but also impacts the ability of pupils to absorb pertinent information. if your school has a projector that is on the fritz, try these hacks to remediate the five most common projector issues..

Yes it is quite bizarre and i'll try to be a little more thorough this time. when you turn it on, the power button is green (blinking), within 2 seconds the temp light turns red (blinking), then the power light goes solid red and the projector shuts off.