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Heat-lamp-acupuncture, tdp 3 in 1 (instant warm, mineral plate) best quality most effective most innovative infrared therapy heat lamp d-10 (1-year warranty!). Tdp far infrared heat lamp, mineral therapy, pain relief for neck, back, shoulder, knee, with detachable head, adjustable height, tdp-166f, best acupuncture heat lamp prices online | acupuncture heat lamp for sale with amazing discounts from top websites | check out the best deals today by msn.com and buy online now.. The tdp lamp contains a round plate coated with a mineral formation consisting of 33 elements essential to the human body. when this mineral plate is activated by a built-in heating element in the tdp lamp, it begins to emit far-infrared waves., an acupuncture tdp lamp is a non-invasive, chinese invention that takes philosophies of acupuncture and re-applies them to electromagnetic frequencies..

The heat lamp is placed about 12-14 inches from the affected area. treatment time ranges anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. the fim energy will generate a radiant glowing heat, which is felt as an intense gentle blanket of warmth. some conditions treated by tdp therapy