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Hardie-siding-installation-nails, blind nailing (preferred installation) james hardie prefers and recommends installation of hardieplank®lap siding by the blind nailing technique, such that fasteners are hidden by the course above. fasteners shall be installed between 1 in. and 3/4 in. from the top edge and no closer than 3/8 in. from the ends of the plank.. Make sure your exterior siding project is done right. learn how to properly nail hardietrim® boards and touch up colorplus siding products. visit https://www..., fastening and spacing hardiplank siding with ez line face nail: nail 1" down from top of plank do not use jh logo for nailing guide fasten 16" - 24" o.c. moderate contact or maximum 1/8".

As the starter, you can’t use a regular nail gun for the hardie siding project. siding nailers are very much alike framing ones, but with some obvious distinct features and specially designed for a siding project.. you need to pick the best nail gun for hardie trim for successful siding operation., learn how to install band board with face nails when using hardietrim products. visit https://www.jameshardiepros.com for more info.. Hardiplank fiber cement siding can enhance the beauty of any home, but if the installer uses the wrong nails it will ruin the exterior look of your home with potential rust stains especially in humid climates., 5. high nailing. hardie plank siding is almost always installed with air nailers, which are the best tool for quick installation. the only downside of pneumatic tools is that sometimes the installer will get going a little bit too quickly, and will lose track of where the nails are going..

Hardieshingle® siding hs11121 p3/8 12/19 gable installation: figure 16 figure 17 figure 18 figure 20 figure 21 figure 19 installation over sheathing is recommended (required for individuals) for gables.*, home expert gary katz walks you through what you need to know when considering and installing siding on your next project. brought to you by weyerhaeuser dis...