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Half-log-siding-installation-instructions, log siding installation instructions the installation of meadow valley log siding requires a few simple tools; a tape measure, circular or miter saw, a chalk line, a square, and a hammer.. Log siding can be easy to install with the right tools. about half of modulog installations are done by the homeowner perhaps with the help of a friend or relative while the other half doesn’t have the time or inclination and hires a local contractor to perform the work., 3308 n. abbe rd. comins, mi 48619 phone: 800-818-9971 * 989-848-5408 * fax: 989-848-5535 www.woodworkersshoppe.com email: sales@woodworkersshoppe.com.

Installing log cabin siding. start installing log cabin siding from the bottom and work your way to the top, using a level and/or string line. in general, 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8 trim boards should be installed prior to the log siding., steel log siding installation . starter strip installation. the first step in the trulog™ steel siding installation process is securing starter strips a ½” to 1” below the top of your foundation.. Gabled wall. figuring the square footage on a gabled wall is a bit more difficult but the same principles apply. multiply the length of the wall by the wall height to get the overall sq. ft. and subtract the window openings (24 x 10 = 240 sq. ft. minus the 40 sq. ft. windows = 200 sq. ft.)., our 2x8 white pine “d” log siding is the most popular of the rounded log profiles that we carry due to the cost efficiency and ease of installation. also referred to as quarter log siding, our solid wood 2x8 "d" log siding can be applied on any conventional frame construction while still achieving the rustic look and feel of a log home..

On the inside corners,a 2x2 could be used.nail the 2x2 into the corner first and then butt the log siding up to it.make sure your 2x2 is kiln dried,as well climatize the siding and all trims for the same amount of time.("climatize_means getting your wood products into the rooms where you will be installing so it will adjust to the interior moisture and humidity in the air) the wood trims ..., log cabins are springing up all over the u.s. and there’s no slowing the trend in sight. if one of your major goals is building that dream log cabin, now is the time to get started. you can save thousands of dollars and many hours of back-breaking labor by constructing it with log siding instead of full round logs..

Log siding- for that log home look or matching siding for gables, dormers, etc. available in eastern white pine, western red cedar, ponderosa pine, southern yellow pine. easy to install; ready to finish. hand hewning available. please call for more information.