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Grayne-siding-installation, grayne shingle siding as real as it gets . foundry is excited to offer grayne shingle siding, a line of siding that is the choice of discerning builders looking for a custom cedar appearance.. Installation basics leave a minimum of 1/16" gap (up to 3/16" max) gap between the grayne panel and trim board when installing in temperatures below 60◦ f. when lapping panels, leave 1/8" gap at nailing hem (fig 1). when installing a siding panel, push up from the bottom until the lock is fully engaged with the piece below it., installation basics    1/8" leave a minimum of 1/8" clearance at all openings and stops to allow for normal expansion and contraction. when installing in temperatures below 40° f/4.4° c, increase minimum clearance to 3/8" (9.5mm). when lapping panels, leave 1/8" gap at nailing hem (fig 1)..

The shingle’s graining patterns create natural depth and shadows for a striking on-house appearance. grayne’s sharp, crisp edges and dual offset installation provide the most authentic look..., grayne ® siding from boral building products is now available with a complete accessories package, providing an easy way to accentuate the engineered composite shingles while completing the look of the home’s exterior. the grayne accessories line includes paintable cellular pvc trim as well as color-coordinated j-channel, mid-america mounting blocks, and utility vents..

Installs like wood siding and trim. performs nothing like it. builders and contractors find working with truexterior faster and easier than working with wood. you’ll