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Foundry-siding-installation-instructions, revised: 24/08/11 installation instructions: foundry corners corner installation the foundry corners are designed to align with the 5", 7", or 10" (127mm, 178mm, or 254mm) exposure panels.. Installation instructions: shapes • the intersection of the vertical plumb line and the horizontal line is the starting point for hanging the starter strip. the straight edge of the starter follows the horizontal line., installation instructions split shake, staggered shake, shingle, perfection shingle, and shapes installation • if you’re using shingles or shakes for an entire wall, start by installing a starter strip.. Back. vertical siding installation is on trend for a reason—blended with horizontal siding or other materials, it’s an ideal way to add dimension and visual interest to the home exterior, particularly as homeowners clamor for multi-textured façades., 5 foundrysiding.com preparation l a flat, level wall surface is necessary for proper installation of flashing, before applying foundry siding. l a weather-resistant barrier should be applied to the house prior to installing foundry siding (fig 4).consult your local building code for requirements in your geographic area..

Foundry siding, grayne shingle siding as real as it gets . foundry is excited to offer grayne shingle siding, a line of siding that is the choice of discerning builders looking for a custom cedar appearance..

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