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Foundry-siding-installation, foundry siding replicates and preserves the ideal look of cedar with its innovative pvc material that requires very little maintenance. you’ll get the authentic curb appeal of cedar from a product that’s easy to install and even easier for homeowners to enjoy for years. purchase 10 squares or more of foundry siding and receive $15 per square.. A flat plumb wall surface is necessary for proper installation of foundry siding. inspect the framing and sheathing to ensure that the walls are structurally sound. recommended sheathing is a minimum 7/16 inch osb or 15/32 inch plywood. a weather resistant barrier should be applied to the house prior to installation., installation instructions: foundry stone™ panel installing the first course: 1. all panels are installed left to right. 2. trim the left side of the first panel to be installed so it can be.

Corner installation the foundry corners are designed to align with the 5", 7", or 10" (127mm, 178mm, or 254mm) exposure panels. (3) • determine the location of the first course of siding prior to the installation of the corner assembly., get inspired! see how to elevate your curb appeal by using foundry siding alone themselves or alongside other cladding options.