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Fix-floor-lamp-pole, news watchngr is a news, reviews and informational portal about consumer products. we give users an easy snapshot of the best products available in the us market based on primary and secondary research done by experts in the field.. How to fix your leaning floor lamp. january 23, 2015 by lovingourhome.com leave a comment. many of us have discarded a floor lamp that screws together to form a pole and with a light fixture on top. the number one reason is because the pole fails to maintain a tight grip and begins to lean to one side. the lamp leans because the threading has ..., set a pillow on the floor. gently lean the lamp downward and rest the top of the floor lamp -- the area near the bulb -- down on the pillow. the shade may be left in place if it is a solid shade or....

You can begin repairing a floor lamp by disassembling the lamp. a majority of floor lamps are comprised of threaded pipes joined by screws. to take it apart, start by taking the screws off the foundation. do not lose any of the pieces. get the new wires. run it in the lamp and then through the socket. get the new socket (the one with the nuts ..., since the lamp is not visable i can guess that it may be a pole lamp. if so, usually it is assembled by twisting each section together starting from the top. if so, you will need to basically disassemble the lamp from the bottom up. then in the reverse order tighten each section until you get back to the bottom..

Movers smashed my weighted lamp base for my torchiere lamp. i used quikrete, a vinyl concrete patching material to repair it. check it out., fix a floor lamp's stripped rod? we have a brass floor lamp and it won't stand upright because where the top/bottom rods of the lamp screw is stripped..

I have a floor lamp that comes in sections that you twist to screw together. the threads on one section have become stripped and the sections no longer stay together. is there a way i can fix these, today morning, my car pool guy while backing up from my driveway.. ended up hitting the lamppost and it broke off from the base. it is still bolted to the round base but the base is sheared off the plastic/metal(not sure) pipe that runs the wiring.