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Clapboard-siding-installation, clapboard overview illustration by j. taylor to estimate the amount of stock needed for a siding job, measure the height and width of all the walls to get the total square footage of the surface area. then deduct the area of all the doors and windows.. Clapboard installation before installing my first full clapboard, i installed the starter strip leaving 1/8 space above the drip cap. this would help prevent water from wicking onto the first row of clapboards and provide a space for moisture to drain from above. i then installed my first row using the bottom edge of my starter strip as a guide., installing cedar clapboards: when western red cedar clapboards is properly installed and finished, it will give years of trouble-free service and will give your home a character and distinction that other clad-dings cannot achieve..

Natural wood siding, lap, clapboard or beveled is still a common exterior finish. installing wood siding is not an overly difficult process, but there are some keys to a successful project. figure 1 - lap, clapboard or beveled wood siding figure 2 - hammer faces, smooth and milled, with the furring in place, we’re ready to begin the trim and siding. we’ll focus on the lower half first, starting with the corner boards, which i pre-assemble. first, i bevel the edge of each board on the table saw. then i join the halves together with trim screws, and i break the corners with a quick pass of the block plane..

Bob and carpenter cortney lofton install clapboard siding on the front porch of the bungalow. in addition, they reinforce the gable to correct an existing sag, then add a moisture barrier to ..., this video started out as a simple tutorial on how to remove single sections of clapboard siding from a house and replace them, but it soon turned into somet...