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Ceiling-fan-light-will-not-work, when your ceiling fan lights quit working, the answer to why they quit isn’t always as straightforward as a burned-out light bulb. the heat generated by electricity can expand and contract.... Installing the ceiling fan with a light requires wiring the light to the main wiring. if you just installed the ceiling fan and the light does not work, the wires were not connected properly. consult the installation guide and correct the issue., if your ceiling fan stopped working, but the light still works, then you know there is an electrical issue of some kind with your fan. while you can definitely work on some of these simple tasks on your own at home, you may want to consider bringing in a professional..

Ceiling fan is not working if your ceiling fan will not start, use the following steps to determine cause of the problem: check the circuit breaker to confirm the power is on. if the circuit breaker tripped, reset the breaker., hunter ceiling fan home depot lights don't work fan works simple fix.. Hello, my hampton bay ceiling fan light will not work either. it's a springview model and i have a switched outlet for both fan and light. from my light switch i have both black and red hot wires and they are both working with my tester., i have a hampton bay ceiling fan that is about 4 years old. it has a remote and the light fixture is dimmable. to save on energy i recently changed the bulbs to led's and now the light wont work..

Ceiling fan troubleshooting. this faq hopes to be able to provide some help to most users with ceiling fan problems. it covers mostly everything. if there is something you are having trouble with, please let us know by using the contact page. we would love to hear from you and add more questions and answers to this page., the power to the red wire may not be an issue. it could be a switch loop which means the power goes to the fan first and fed down to the switch as opposed to going to the switch first would turn off the power at the fan if the switch is off.