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Ceiling-fan-light-blinking, ceiling fans produce vibrations when operating, so if the light bulbs are loose or not screwed in all the way the lights may flash on and off. check the light bulbs to see if they are loose or they wiggle while in the socket. gently but firmly screw the light bulb into the socket if it is found to be loose.. Recently my hampton bay ceiling fan lights started blinking on and off. this happens when i turn the light on at the switch. if i then go to the fan and use the pull chain to turn off the lights and then pull the chain to turn them back on, the come on and stay on., ceiling fan light keeps on blinking . by guest12778124 | 10 years, 6 month(s) ago 39 likes like unlike. i have hunter ceiling fan with remote and light (not sure what model - don't see it). when i turn it on the wall switch, the light keep on blinking and the fan is turning slowly. the remote has no effect..

Flickering lights on ceiling fan - help! i have a ceiling fan that - on absolutely random occasions, the light bulbs on them flicker. it doesn't matter whether or not the fan is running (the fan is usually not running, especially now in the winter)., i have a hunter ceiling fan with lights that are blinking. i know its the regulator, yet my insides dont look anything at all like all of the youtube videos i'm watching. i dont have a box with 4 wires (1 white, red and 2 blacks) i only have a box with 1 white and 1 red..

Problem with ceiling fan lights electrical question: i installed new ceiling fans with lights, why do some lights strobe and flash? my electrical wiring project involves a problem with the ceiling fan lights in our home. installed four new ceiling fans with lights., ceiling fan troubleshooting. this faq hopes to be able to provide some help to most users with ceiling fan problems. it covers mostly everything. if there is something you are having trouble with, please let us know by using the contact page. we would love to hear from you and add more questions and answers to this page..

I have two hampton bay windward iv 52in ceiling fan/light fixtures (458-301) in my apartment. both of them have a problem with flickering lights. they don't start right away, but about 5 minutes after being turned out. they were installed this summer and are connected to regular light switches (not dimmers) and remote controls.