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Can-you-use-heat-lamps-for-crested-geckos, a lot of crested gecko keepers have the most trouble keeping the temperatures warmer at night. for crested geckos, using a 25 watt bulb is usually the best choice. if a 25 watt bulb is adding too much heat, you can use a lamp stand to elevate the fixture farther away from the enclosure to dial in the temperature.. Crested gecko geek. the story of my crested gecko all started when i got my first crested gecko. since then years of research have been done to provide you the most complete guides and resources to help you care for this tiny but loveable pet lizard., one of the best things about crested geckos is that they thrive at room temperature. no special lights or heaters are required, but if you are in a chilly area or would like to grow real plants in your enclosures, you need to pay attention to lights, fixtures, bulbs and the heat they generate..

Sort of a diy hack for crested gecko lighting, but if you are looking for something super low profile, bright, adjustable brightness, and pretty low cost, then i recommend these. you can get single 12” sections, or multi packs to daisy chain together into one outlet. i prefer this dimmable multi pack for my gecko rack. buy on amazon. xenon ..., i have a new little crested gecko, it is about 2-3 inches long. anyways i bought two lights for it. one is a 75 watt day bulb. the other is a 60 watt night bulb. at night in my area it gets down to 62 degrees outside and a few degrees above that inside. maybe around 66-68. so should i leave the night red 60 bulb on all night or no? and should i use the 75 watt one during the day?.

Crested geckos are cold-blooded animals, which means that can’t create their own body heat – instead they need to absorb it from their environment. if your crested gecko is to live a long and healthy life, therefore, you may well need to provide artificial heating so their cage reaches the optimal temperature. but what are ... read morebest crested gecko heaters, what is the best heat source for a crested gecko? i have an old house so i know that my house is to cold to go without a heat source. i heard a few different things, i heard to use a heat mat on the bottom of the cage and i heard to use a low watt heat lamp..

A good crested gecko owner monitors both because they can be very different. to measure the ambient temperature you should use a probe thermometer. this kind of thermometer can take temperature readings at different parts of the terrarium. to measure the surface temperature you can use a temperature ‘gun’ thermometer., exo terra repti-glo 2.0 compact fluorescent full spectrum terrarium lamp. exo terra is a brand i know and love. i’m a huge fan of their glass vivariums and use them for many of my exotic pets – including my crested geckos.. as the name suggests, the repti-glo 2.0 has a slightly lower uvb output than the zoo med reptisun discussed above..

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