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Can-i-spray-paint-a-metal-lamp-base, place the lamp in an upright position and begin applying the primer/paint spray. apply the primer/paint in thin, light coats. this may take some time, but it will give you a smoother finish and prevent the paint from running or bubbling.. Clean the lamp with white vinegar diluted in an equal amount of water. this will remove any dirt or greasy residue from the lamp so that paint will adhere properly. apply a metal primer to the lamp with a paint brush. metal primer is also available in spray cans for easier application. sand the lamp with a 400-grit sandpaper to create a smooth ..., bernadette,. buy some metal paint and spray it. cover what you don't want to get paint on. use painters tape and paper from shopping bags, if they still give them with your order..

On this episode of finish friday, diy expert amy howard shares all about rescuing and restoring lamps. do you have a few lamps that you want to donate because they’re just… ugly? don’t toss ..., recycling/re-purposing: painting a lamp base / 6 comments. after: we've had a pair of gold lamps for years. they've moved from an office, to the living room and then, finally, to the master bedroom. i was noticing, however, that they kind of blend into the painted walls - not really standing out on their own. what to do?.

Hey there homies, fancy seeing you here again. in this video, i will be showing you how to repaint an old fugly lamp that you are potentially growing to give or throw away. i don't get it the ..., here’s the story of 2 brass lamps i bought a while back at value village for $3.03 each. i see brass lamps like these all the time, but i was excited to find a matching set. and here is where i turn into a bad blogger..

Happy monday! are ya’ll ready for fall? this weather is perfect for spray paintin’! i picked up this little guy at a thrift store for $5.00. and i spray painted it with 3 thin coats of krylon fusion in bright white gloss. i added a lampshade i found at the same thrift store. the lamp shade was still tagged from it’s original retail home, give old ugly lamps new life: in this instructable you will learn how to turn your old, ugly, gold or brass colored lamps into a modern usable lamp. after breaking both of my lamps in the living room, i decided it was time to buy some new lamps. never having gone lamp shopping...