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Boral-vertical-siding-installation, vertical siding installation is on trend for a reason—blended with horizontal siding or other materials, it’s an ideal way to add dimension and visual interest to the home exterior, particularly as homeowners clamor for multi-textured façades.. Offering an extensive family of products featuring innovative technologies that make building homes easier for you. backed with with world-class service, each and every brand is focused on helping builders succeed with the right materials and tools for the job., build something great™ installatin guideines boral truexterior ™ 1.888.9boral9 | www.boraltruexterior.com storage and handling boral truexterio™r siding should be stored on a flat, level surface. pallets are shipped from the manufacturing facility.

©2018 boral building products inc. 4/2016 build something great boral truexterior ® siding installation guidelines 1.888.9boral9 | www.boraltruexterior.com ©2016 boral composites inc. o the product will accept other types of fasteners including, pioneering an entirely new category of building materials made with the revolutionary poly-ash material, boral ®truexterior siding & trim is the only product available today that addresses both the moisture- and movement-related issues commonly. Explore the design options made possible by vertical exterior siding when you browse these vertical siding styles, style combinations and siding color combinations., 800-521-8486 3 approved wall preparation traditional wood framed walls truexterior siding must be installed on frame-built walls with studs spaced 16 in. o.c. or, at most, 24 in. o.c. (fig. 2)..

4 installing truexterior siding note: ensure boards are dry and free from moisture before installing. spacing truexterior siding expands and contracts significantly less in temperature changes than vinyl, wood, engineered wood, and, see how beautiful & durable lp smartside engineered wood siding resists damage from impacts better than fiber cement and vinyl siding.lp® smartside® trim & siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of treated engineered wood....