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Boral-bevel-siding-installation, offering an extensive family of products featuring innovative technologies that make building homes easier for you. backed with with world-class service, each and every brand is focused on helping builders succeed with the right materials and tools for the job.. In a recent exchange with jonathan wierengo, vice president of sales & marketing for boral america, fine homebuilding learned that boral has officially discontinued production of its poly-ash bevel siding. the bevel siding, a modern substitute for traditional clapboards, was one of several cementitious siding and trim products sold under boral’s truexterior brand, all of them made from the ..., boral truexterior™ siding is like no other siding product on the market, offering a lower-maintenance, easier-to-install alternative to wood and other materials without sacrificing the look, feel and character of traditional wood siding..

This product is an excellent replacement for wood siding and can be installed using proven woodworking tools and methods. for ease of use, consider the following before working: ngcui t t– boral truexterio™rsiding can be cut using standard saw blades. however, for longer tool life, carbide tipped blades are recommended., about the bevel collection bevel siding is the newest addition to boral truexterior® siding – the first manmade siding profiles to genuinely replicate the natural aesthetic of real wood while maintaining a high level of dimensional stability..

Pioneering an entirely new category of building materials made with the revolutionary poly-ash material, boral ®truexterior siding & trim is the only product available today that addresses both the moisture- and movement-related issues commonly, truexterior’s proprietary blend of polymers and fly ash brings about a number of benefits—including some that go against installers’ long-held knowledge about what siding can do and how it needs to be installed.. Installs like wood siding and trim. performs nothing like it. builders and contractors find working with truexterior faster and easier than working with wood. you’ll, can your siding do this? remain exceptionally stable. not rot or decay. not require clearance from grade, roofing, or patios. be painted any color