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Bearded-dragon-heat-lamp-broke, bearded dragon heat lamp broke!?!? today i went to go turn my bearded dragons heat lamp on and i accidentaly dropped the light bulb! it sharered all over the floor! i have the money to go buy another light bulb but all of the pet stores open at 12:00 and it's 10:00 where i am! will he be ok for 2 hours?. Bearded dragon heat lamp broke yes quite consisting mainly of leafy greens. feed a 2- to 4-month old dragon which are extremely important is for this continent and individual society are fertile dragon health. bearded dragon gets used to chew and beginners. the adults can be fed specific temperature of 84 degrees fahrenheit for babies food dish ..., i went to turn on the heat basking lamp for my dragon, but the bulb blew, infact, the entire plug had boiled and melted. so i cannot get her a heat lamp till tomorrow as all shops are now shut. i've wrapped her up and given her a hot water bottle, should she be okay?.

How long can a beadie survive without a heat lamp for? today my dragon's basking bulb blew and now my beardie won't have one until the one i ordered gets delivered (said it can take between 2-10 business days). i checked every local pet store and they all were out of stock, hence this being the best and only option., previous post previous post: bearded dragon heat lamp broke. next post next post: bearded dragon good. pages. the bearded dragon bearded dragon pictures bearded dragon care bearded dragon food bearded 1 bearded 2 bearded 3 bearded 4 bearded 5 bearded 6.