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Anglepoise-type-75-mini-desk-lamp, type 75 mini desk lamp sir kenneth grange’s type 75™ mini collection offers all the functionality of its larger sibling, but in a more compact form, making it a popular choice for smaller spaces. the desk and wall mounted lamps incorporate anglepoise® con. Based on the original type 75 designed by sir kenneth grange and, the lamp of choice for smaller spaces, the type 75 mini is a scaled-down version of the best-selling type 75 desk lamp, without compromising on style, functionality or performance., the type 75™ mini and type 75™ desk lamp are available in the three established paul smith and anglepoise® edition colors, while the type 75™ giant floor lamp comes in the color scheme from the very first collaboration - edition one. edition one's colors are evocative of the summer, while edition two uses the deep, rich hues of autumn..

Smaller than the original type 75, this more compact type 75 mini desk lamp is a popular choice for smaller spaces. despite its smaller size, an integrated shade switch and anglepoise constant tension spring technology still offer all the innovation, flexibility and functionality synonymous with anglepoise lighting., description back for another round, famed british designer paul smith unveils a third edition of the type 75 mini with its original maker anglepoise. evoking the crisp primary colors of dutch painter mondrian brings a fresh but timeless update to this smaller version of the classic desk lamp. inventor george cawardine.

Description an icon shows its mettle in this metallic incarnation of the type 75 mini desk lamp. sir kenneth grange's reworked task light marries proven function with beloved form. with a seamlessly integrated switch, in a trio of sophisticated brushed-aluminium finishes: gleaming gold, copper or silver luster. specifi, the type75 mini desk lamp combines the high quality fittings and features of the type75 table lamp in a more compact configuration. its classic look, smooth lines and full adjustability make it the perfect solution for task lighting or general illumination in spaces that require a smaller light..

The anglepoise type 75 mini desk lamp scales down the original 1950s design, adapting the same mechanics and light efficacy in to a more convenient size for smaller spaces. the aluminum shade is crisp, yet smooth—emblematic of mid-century modern aesthetics—and sits atop the familiar jointed structure., r einterpreting classic lighting for the modern day, the type 75 mini maintains the iconic silhouette and functionality of anglepoise design. beloved by architects, designers and creatives, legendary british designer sir kenneth grange has updated the original design by adding a smooth, bulb shaped pendant to trademark constant-spring technology..

Created by kenneth grange (designer of the kodak instamatic), the anglepoise type 75 task lamp features the signature anglepoise 3-spring mechanism and a circular weighted base. like the original, type 75 be easily repositioned to focus direct light exactly where its needed. and, with its smooth lines, the type 75 is one very foxy task lamp.