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Allura-siding-installation, installing the siding like most siding, you will install the fiber cement boards from the bottom up when using a traditional, horizontal lap application. you will begin with a starter strip with weep holes that will allow moisture to readily escape.. Xxsee the recommendations on page 20 before installing allura fiber cement siding over structural insulated panels thicker than 1". xxinstall individual shakes over wall construction with framing spaced no more than 24" o.c. and a minimum of 7/16" osb or 1/2" plywood sheathing., allura fiber cement siding installation manualglossary expansion—commonly refers to building products expanding due to heat build-up or moisture entering the product, especiallybecause this manual was written for building professionals, we as outside temperature changes.have freely used the language and jargon of the siding industry.to avoid confusion, we thought it a good idea to share our exposure—the width of the exposed face of each panel ofunderstanding of each of these terms with you..

Product resources: from real-world success stories to handy install guides to warranty details, here you'll find a wealth of in-depth information about allur..., new colors. fresh looks. bold statements. with 10 gorgeous new colors and 1 new stain, our outstanding color palette has now extended to 30 total colors..

Fiber cement siding isn’t new. in fact, the first fiber-reinforced, cement-based sidings were first produced in austria in the late 19th century. these early sidings contained asbestos fibers and were later deemed to be unsafe in the 1970s., an allura siding cracking lawsuit has been filed alleging that allura fiber cement siding cracks within five years of installation. the lawsuit complaint says that the cracked siding allows water and moisture to penetrate the siding, causing thousands of dollars of water damage.. Pre-stained fiber cement siding prestained allura siding installation allura fiber cement siding is a top competitor brand to james hardie siding. manufactured with a mix of wood pulp and portland cement, allura siding is specially formulated to be fire resistant, impervious to insects, and suitable for most climates., deep ocean, hardieplank lap siding, hardieshingle staggered edge panel siding. once homeowners realized that fiber cement siding is a legitimate alternative to wood siding, without some of the wood’s hassles, the demand for fiber cement has increased and spurred competition among brands.. allura fiber cement siding is a top challenger to hardieplank.