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250-watt-infrared-heat-lamp-for-chickens, rite farm products 250 watt infrared red heat lamp light bulb. the red bulb is what we use and is perfect for baby chicks! -lasts 20 percent longer than standard heat lamp bulbs uses standard 120 volt power standard type a (e27) screw in power base (same as your household bulbs) brass base to minimize corrosion and "freezing" in socket shatterproof hardened pyrex glass designed not to shatter .... Amazon.com : fengrun red hard glass infrared heat lamp for chickens animal pets 250w bathroom heating lamp light bulb : pet supplies, description: 250-watt infrared heat bulbs provide heat to your growing baby chicks. the red color of this bulb helps deter chicks from picking at one another and also makes it easier for them to sleep..

A 250 watt infrared bulb suspended above the brooder is the recommended amount. a red bulb is the most efficient as it doesn't stop the chicks from sleeping, as white light does, and can help prevent pecking. many people use heat lamps successfully and without incident. however, others don't. heat lamps plus flammable materials like cardboard ..., use this philips 250-watt r40 red heat lamp light bulb to produce warmth indoors and where track and recessed fixtures are in place. it has a medium base with an r40 shape. estimated yearly energy cost: $30.11 (based on three hours/day, 11¢/kwh. cost depend on rates and use) life: 4.5 years (based on three hours/day) energy used: 250 watt..

I agree, 250 is a warm light, i have a 250 in my brooder, but its in my coop getting down to 40's at night, and hardly breaking 60 during the day, i have it about 2 feet high, and it still gets over 95 degrees at night, but i have plenty of space for them to move away from it., http://www.chickencondos.com/index.ph... for those of you starting with baby chickens or not already mature chickens, you will need a heat source to keep the babies warm..

Our top pick for the best heat lamp is the byb heat lamp.we highly recommend this impressive heat lamp for any pet lover or people who are raising baby chicks or goats. byb is widely known as the lighting experts and their dedication to creating quality products means their smart energy-efficient long-lasting ceramic infrared heat emitter is safe to use for your pet., the plywood your coop was built with will auto-ignite (in spectacular fashion) at 400 ºf. your standard 250 watt infrared heat lamp bulb can reach over 480 ºf, which is enough to make these otherwise inert materials flame up. when mounting a heat lamp, maintain a 24” minimum distance from everything as a rule of thumb.