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175-watt-red-heat-lamp-bulb, sylvania 13840 - 175 watt - par38 - red heat lamp - 5, 000 life hours - 120 volt - incandescent bulbs - amazon.com. The satco s4751 is a br38 infrared heat lamp that operates at 175 watts and 120 volts. measuring just over 5 inches in length with a 4.75-inch diameter, this br38 has a deep red bulb face and a medium (e26) base. this bulb is rated to last an average of 5,000 hours. brochures & spec sheets, philips heat lamp clear par38 light bulb: 175-watt, med skt base. Provide much needed warmth for chicks, piglets and puppies with infrared heavy-duty hard glass heat bulb — 175 watt. the soothing red color of this glass bulb will calm baby animals during times of injury or stress., heat up bathrooms, storage spaces, and any other area where warmth is needed using the plt heat lamp. this r40 infrared lamp runs on 175 watts and can provide heated comfort in residential or commercial lighting applications..

Heat lamp. energy saving. par. 175 watt. parir175r. halogen hard glass. ideal for bathrooms, restaurants and farms., philips 175-watt par38 heat lamp light bulb provides the perfect light for dramatic accents, display lighting and general lighting in a variety of applications..

It’s important to prevent adult animals from abusing (bashing, butting, etc.) the lamp fixture.. when this happens, the bulb and fixture are at risk of damage. in mixed pens with mothers and babies, we take extra steps to protect the lamps from the adults (e.g. creep pens)., keeping your chicks warm: what's the ideal temperature? you will need to keep a careful eye on the temperature in the brooder.hatchlings move into it having spent at least a few hours drying out in a nice, hot incubator at around 99ºf / 37.5ºc.. 175 watt - infrared halogen heat lamp - par38 - red - 120 volt - medium e26 base - major brand special infrared ir coating converts wasted heat into visible light high output halogen capsule with an ir-conserving coating for maximum energy efficiency, its special designed optics to deliver the optimum optical performance 3000 to 4000 hour life